Here are the top 5 questions we answer:

How can I increase my warehouse capacity to avoid moving to a new facility or use external storage? Focused Logistics uses a number of modelling tools to determine the optimum storage and pick methods. Based on this information and our operational experience the best layout can be developed to accommodate current and future requirements.

What automation options would suit my operations and how can I make them pay? Automation technology develops quickly and thanks to modular concepts are financially more accessible. We keep track of the latest developments and use our operational experience the evaluate the most suitable solutions and test the business case for automation in your business. Focused Logistics is independent of equipment suppliers.

How to develop effective and cost efficient e-fulfilment operations? One of the key challenges with fulfilment operations is that their capacity grows in incremental steps. Our e-commerce experience helps us to create flexible and scalable solutions to overcome this issue. Our core process and layout design methods support the development of efficient solutions.

What is the best route for products through my network: drop ship, cross-docked or stock held? And as a result what should my network look like? Activity based cost models can determine the optimum fulfilment route at product level and set rules for any future products to be added to your portfolio. This product allocation process is complementary with network optimisation, as it effects warehouse capacity requirements and locations. Focused Logistics has a number of proprietary tools to support product allocation and network optimisation.

How to build the business case for a sustainable urban logistics solution? Urban logistics solutions are mostly driven by external factors such as congestion and environmental, which can conflict with the internal business case. This contradiction can be addressed by a broad review of the route to market, taking into account operational benefits from supply through to the end user. Solutions can include the use of consolidation centres or collaboration with other stakeholders.