The Depot Power Model (DPM) quantifies the impact of EV on a depot’s power requirements:

  • The DPM calculates the power consumption of a depot by hour of the day.
  • Key inputs including building characteristics, shift timings, MHE and vehicle fleet
  • Detailed hourly graphs explain the key drivers of peak and overall power requirements
  • This helps to identify and validate the optimum operational scenario

The model is used to run multiple operational scenarios, in order to evaluate options to balance the power requirements and to keep peaks within site capacity.  The results are presented trough a number of graphics.

Focused Logistics offers a fixed fee service to help you determine the preferred fleet & charging strategy at your site, taking into account all other power requirements. Our approach is as follows:

  1. EV introduction, scenario development & data collection workshop
  2. Run scenarios, evaluate results, & write up outputs
  3. Review meeting